In order to highlight the advances in research and offer a platform for the dissemination and discussion of the knowledge that is currently being developed at the interface of the Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Engineering areas; The Centro de Investigación en Biotecnología y Nanotecnología (CIByN) of the Facultad de Ciencias Químicas at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon invites professionals, academics, researchers, students, entrepreneurs and those interested in the following thematic areas: Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Computational Analysis and Mathematical Models, Environment and Bioeconomy, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Bioprocess and Synthetic Biology and Science Communication; to present their scientific contributions at the 2nd International Congress on NanoBioEngineering.


1. Only those works related to the thematic areas of the Congress will be accepted.


2. The works presented can be submitted in English or Spanish and must contain specific ideas, with proposals that are well-founded and rigorously documented.


3. When presenting your work (either as an oral talk or a poster), these should present your results, the procedures followed during the investigation, as well as the conclusions achieved.


4. In accordance with the review results issued by the Technical Committee, the papers may be selected to be presented orally or in a poster presentation session.


5. The accepted works, either as oral presentations or posters, will be published in the 2nd BiAnnual Bulletin on Global Trends and Advances in NanoBioEngineering, with ISBN registration in electronic form, as long as they comply with:

A.    All the guidelines of this call,


B.    Deadline for sending a full document before December 15, 2020.


C.     Additional requirements determined during technical and formatting revisions,


D.    Authorization from the authors by checking the yes box at the Endorsement of Rights section at the last step of the abstract submission process.

6. The presentation of the works in any of the two modalities will be subject to the payment of the registration fee of at least one author.


7. The registration, evaluation and presentation process will be as follows;


8. The registration, evaluation and presentation process will be as follows;


A. Register for the conference.


B.    To register your scientific contributions and submit your abstracts, the authors must download the official abstract format and send their abstract through the link that is presented on the official page of the congress at: August 05, 2020 until October 05 from 2020.


C. The author who registers the abstract will serve as the contact author.


D. The title of the scientific contribution should be captured and is limited to a maximum of 30 words, avoiding abbreviations.


E. In the first instance, the abstract must be captured, which must strictly follow the structure described in the downloaded official template for abstracts.


F. The length of the abstract of the work should be limited to 1,500 words.


G. If it is of interest to you that your abstract or extensive work appears in the 2nd BiAnnual Bulletin on Global Trends and Advances in NanoBioEngineering; with ISBN registration; when submitting your abstract you must check the (yes) box at the Endorsement of Rights section at the last step of the abstract submission process. If an extensive work wants to be submitted for publication, this should be submitted to the organizers no later than December 15, 2020.


H. If the abstract of your work was accepted with technical or format revisions, you must send the corrected version according to the reviewers' comments no later than October 10, 2020, in order to be considered in the scientific program.


I. The contact author may register a maximum of five co-authors per work, which must be added at the time the work is registered. No co-authors can be added later.


J. The authors will be informed of the result of the opinion through an official confirmation e-mail from the CINBI 2020 no later than October 12, 2020.


K. The type of work, whether oral or poster, will be indicated in the acceptance opinion.


L. The guidelines for the presentation of posters and/or oral presentations will be delivered directly to the accepted authors in order to prepare for their presentations.


M. The accepted authors will be able to check the date and time of their presentation in the Preliminary Program of the Event, available from October 12, 2020 on the official site of the event.


N. Oral presentations will have a 20 minute duration, 15 minutes for exposition and 5 minutes for questions.

Questions and clarifications regarding this call will be resolved through the event contact email:


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